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Ammara Noman Shares Master Chef Experiences!

With sheer determination and courage, Ammara Noman worked reluctantly and got the reward.
She rose to prominence after winning the first ever season of Master Chef Pakistan. She said in her winning speech,  “Becoming the first ever Master Chef has made me believe that dreams do come true. “
I interviewed her , read on to and get to know this ambitious woman more!

Tell about yourself.

I was born in Peshawar. I had my child hood in Islamabad. I had got married in very earlier age and did I not get the chance to complete my education. When I was a a child my mother used to question me that what would you like yo became when you grow up. And l always use to say a chef. I am very ambitious and dream follower. After getting married I had to decide that I will win the hearts by my cooking. I started learning how to cook by our local channels. I usually watched Chef Zakir’s shows and tried to replicate the dishes at home. I had also used to watch the other international channels for some different cuisine. From there I started to following Master Chef Australia.

Did your family support you in achieving your goals?

I am mother of 4 and we live in a joint family. All the family members are loving, caring and very supporting. When I was in Master kitchen for 3 months my family took care of my kids. Family was my biggest support and I could not had achieved my goals without their support. My husband have a big hand in supporting me.

What was the hardest part of being a Master Chef contestant?

I remember the day when we entered the kitchen, I was very excited and happy, but when I started cooking it was like a working under the time bomb… tic, tic, tic,…

Who was your favorite judge and why?

All the judges are good but  I used to follow Chef Zakir. He is my favorite chef because I like his cooking skills and he is the first chef I used to follow.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are learning and reading different cuisines and about chefs lives. I also like to watch reality shows.

Biggest struggle you’ve ever faced?

I believe if you do not struggle and work hard, you will not be able to achieve anything. Struggle brings learning. I never get afraid of struggling. It’s a part of life, you just need to be focused!

How was your experience on “Master Kitchen with Ammara Noman”?

Master kitchen was the very first cooking show and I had a great experience. All the team was very supportive and specially Javeria Abbasi. In the beginning of recording, I was just scared that how would I manage to face so many cameras but with  every single day on sets I got confident.

Who is your inspiration?

I am inspired by many chefs because of their working skills and techniques but one I like to be is Gorden Ramsey.

If you had a dinner party for five, which five celebrities would you like to invite?

Hmm, there are so many!  Javeria Abbasi, Nadia Khan, Fawad Khan….and may be some Chef celebs.

Tell about your cookbook.

My cook book! This includes my best winning recipes. In book you will get to see all kinds of cuisines food. I ensure that this book is different from the others books and brings something new to know with it.

Any message to readers and your fans?

Believe in your self, always think positive. There is a hero within you.  Don’t care what people think about you, you just need to be yourself! Keep struggling and finally you will get the strength you are looking for.


Health Talks With Daniel Churchill

Daniel Churchill is an Australian chef, TV host and an author of two cook-books DudeFood and The Healthy Cook. He was among the Top 5 contestants of Master Chef Australia ( season 5). At just 24, he has achieved a lot. Growing up on the Northern beaches of Sydney he loves the beach.

I recently got to interview Daniel, read on to know the young Aussie lad!

Tell about your educational background.

I went to Uni and did a Bachelor in Sport and Exercise Management before competing a Masters in Exercise Science (Strength & Conditioning and Nutrition). From here I’ve continued to apply my study to holistic health, tastiness and color.

How did you get into cooking?

I started cooking when I was 12 years old and it all started because as a family we used to watch Jamie Oliver once a week. We didn’t watch a lot of TV but it was one of those awesome moments when we all discussed things about recipes and ideas. Dad came up with the idea of wanting us to learn the life skill of cooking and so he created a roster for us to take it in turns to cook for each other. My cooking adventures never started from someone showing me what to do, rather I was self taught. Looking at recipes working with flavors… I loved it and I loved what it created… it brought people closer together… I then decided to write my first self published cookbook and that’s when things in my food life started to do its thing(SMILE).

Any song you are addicted to?

Hmmmm I reckon.. oh! there are so many… I reckon “Happy by Pharrell William.

Tell about your first book DudeFood.

Dudefood was created on the back of my mates getting jealous that I was getting more attention from their special ladies than they were. As they always asked me about cooking. So i decided to be a good mate and send out recipes to them and get them started on the basics… from there realized i was putting a book together and wanted it to be super simple but have guy orientated scenarios so that it was not intimidating and easy to relate too, and so came the awesomeness that is Dudefood.

What was the idea behind The Healthy Cook?

The Healthy Cook is more about who I am… I love being active and eating. After my studies I wanted to create a cookbook that was simple, promotes the goodness in life and open up inspiration to many. The Healthy Cook is full of super simple, wickedly tasty, healthy home cooked meals and opens peoples eyes to the simplicity of creating something super tasty out of plenty of color. It is also an educational resource for people to learn from. With things from Breakfasts, vegetarian, meat, seafood and even Cheating it is an awesome way to get into the colorful way of food.


Any song you’re addicted to?

Hmm I reckon.. oh! there are so many… I reckon..! “Happy” by Pharrell William.

Who is your mentor?

I never worked directly with chefs. I am self taught. Mom and Dad supported but never really directed how we should cook. I am inspired by Jamie Oliver. He was the reason I started cooking.

How was life like a Master Chef Contestant?

Absolutely incredible! I got to see so much, do epic things and meet the most amazing inspiring people. I went on the show to learn and that is exactly what I did.. It has created a platform but I focused on making sure I created my own brand off the back of it.

Describe yourself in three words.

Happy, driven, food!

Best moment in your career so far.

There are so many. Perhaps launching “Dudefood” on Good Morning America in front of millions of people was pretty unreal. But there is also other things like being honored with an indigenous Australian community or even giving mum and dad my first ever self published cookbook.

What did you learn from your Master Chef experience?

I obviously learnt so much about food and camera angles, but also plenty about myself like what my strengths and weaknesses are., what I handle well and what I don’t. From there I was able to practice the things I need to work on so I can convey the message I want to create effectively today.

What kind of music do you listen?

Everything! from Kygo, Kanye West and Justin Bieber… name it! I love a good sing along!!

Which is your favorite book and why?

I grew up on Harry Potter  but lately I have been reading plenty of TED talk books they have been unreal learning about experiences and certain philosophies. One book I am stoked about is The Dorrito Effect by Mark Schatzker, it is an amazing inside into the evolution of food and flavor.

Would you ever like to visit Pakistan to experience our food, taste and flavors?

I would absolutely LOVE to come to Pakistan! I have read so much about your flavors and spices that it gives me chills just thinking about it….have to do another show or festival there for sure!!!

Last but not least, any message to readers and your fans.

I would like to thank all my legendary fans for being who they are and following the messages that i will continue to create and inspire… It is because of them that I get up every day and stay motivated to promote a happy healthy life. I am not doing this for me, but for everyone else in the world, so thank you for the the amazing support that you have all provided thus for and there is plenty of tastiness coming your way…
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Happy Healthy Cooking

xo DC