Hadiqa Kiani’s Wajd – Her New Chapter

“Wajd is a fruit of my spiritual voyage. Like they say, there is the calm before the storm; it took me a long time to find myself and be honest enough to my music and produce something like Wajd.”


Hadiqa Kiani is one of the most versatile and finest music acts of Pakistan. After years of giving us catchiest pop music, Hadiqa returns with a new spiritual act and shows more ‘personal’ side of her in her latest project ‘Wajd’ . Wajd is culture rich. It features songs in six different languages Urdu, Sindhi, Saraiki, Pashto, Balochi and Punjabi and surely she has exceled and slayed in every single piece.  Hadiqa has always been defiant with her music style, crossing the musical boundaries and coming up with something diverse, unique and realistic. This is Hadiqa’s ambitious and personally  honest work. Wajd that Hadiqa describes as “an expression of her soul and the result of her perception that is deeply rooted in and empowered by Sufi tradition” has a perfect and well use of classical instrument.

Wajd-Volume-1-Chapter-2-Bhit-Ja-Bhitai-F-10-1Wajd will have eight songs, out of which five have been released. The released ones have already hit the charts and topped on Patari, earning millions of views on social media. Wajd has already caused a huge sensation on Social Media and Kiani is being applauded for gracefully pulling off the ‘folk music’ and giving it a 21st century touch.

Each of the song is called as a ‘Chapter’ by Kiani. The video is conceptualized and directed by Abdullah Haris. She produced the record with her brother Irfan Kiani.

‘Kamle Da Dhola’ is the first chapter off Wajd. The video was shot in one take live format. Kiani sings in Saraiki. The songs has been sung by Reshma and Mussart Nazir. Hadiqa’s rendition is soulful and nonmaterial. Kiani’s vocals are ameliorable. The song runs for more than 8 minutes. Melody is pure and sweet. Opening words are written by Baba Bulleh Shah. Kiani’s high notes are rare and bewitching. Featured instruments are Dholak, Flute, Harmonium and Turkish lavta.

Next chapter is the Sindhi one, ’Bhit Ja Bhitai´, which pays tribute to Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai. It is again soulful and calming. Again Kiani’s vocals are dominating here. The endearment classical music is pure perfection. The use of flute here is soothing.

Third chapter is ‘Aaj Rung Hai’ in both Urdu and Biraj Bhasha. Biraj Bhasha is a western Hindi language. It gained literary acceptance after Mughal King Akbar declared it as one of the languages of royal court. It was originally written by renowned poet Hazrat Amir Khusro. The music video is like icing on the cake. It features Hania Amir and Hasnain Lehri. It is mesmerizing. Every single detail in the embolished video is literal perfection. Music video was a sponsored video for Bonanza’s Eid collection.206067_1_110357_mag

The fourth chapter ‘Kamli’ written by Bulleh Shah. It is also profound and vehment. Vocals will give you goosebumps.

Fifth chapter is ‘Chaap Tilak’. Hadiqa’s rendition is beyond epic. The music video is set in Iconic Haveli Barood Khana in Lahore. The music video is culture rich, featuring a traditional wedding featuring Hasnain Lehri as groom and Anoushey Mughal as bride. It is refreshing and impeccable. It has all the elements that make it perfect; Melodious Vocals, Manigolds, Mehndi, Food, Wedding Fun and Perfection.

I just can’t get enough of every song. I’m already yearning for the next chapter and surely Hadiqa will slay in upcoming ones too.

She said speaking about Wajd:

“WAJD is not only an audio album but a musical journey that aims to explore lost traditions, the freedom of ownership of the Eastern folk tradition, the individuality of each artist and instrument-free from the superficial and over-processing of digital recording and the stripping away of grandiose arrangements to reveal a simple layer of musical truth.”