Turkish Dramas Which Need A Pakistani Remake

Turkish TV series are the latest trend in Pakistan. Strong story-line, realistic and mind-blowing acting, perfect direction, the grandeur, dresses, and oh-so-beautiful awe-inspiring scenery…they excel in every field and have become a major hit here. I, too, am obsessed with them.  Recently, an idea clicked my mind that what if there is a Pakistani remake for these. This provoked me to do post one it and share thoughts on the story-line and possible casting. I know all the actors in the series did justice to their roles and the original series was perfect in its own, but come on this is just for fun. Here you go!

Aşk-ı Memnu (English Forbidden Love)


This was a major hit both in Pakistan and Turkey and the final episode got a high rating of 11.9 with 90 million viewership. The contentious love story of Bihter and Behlul was loved by all. The serial left people hooked to their television screens with the plot twists, acting and the Bihter-Behlul chemistry of course.


Having lost his wife eleven years ago, Adnan has devoted all his attention to his children Nehal and Bulent, living in a mansion near Bosphorous, Istanbul with their children’s nanny Mrs Denise and relative’s son Behlul. On the other side, Bihter is a socialite couple’s daughter who is elegant and beautiful. Adnan falls in love with her and proposes her and they marry. While searching for peace, safety and happiness in Adnan’s mansion, Bihter meets passion. Bihter and Behlul falls passionately for each other. There are plot twists and several love triangles.

Possible casting:

I think Noor Hassan would be a perfect choice to play Behlul. And Mahoor Baloch for Bihter. Hania Amir can play Nehal.



It was also a major hit. I would be amazing to see the version of this ‘dreamy-yet-complicated’ love story of Feriha and Emir.


Feriha is a beautiful and young girl born in a poor family.  Her mother is a great support for her who is a housekeeper and her father is a doorman in Etiler, an elite neighbor-hood of Istanbul. Feriha gets a scholarship in an elite University. Embarrassed about her family background, she lies and represents herself as a rich girl. There she meets Emir, who is a playboy. They both fall for each other. There are many complication in their relationship. But love wins.

Possible Casting:

Again, I think Hania Amir would be perfect for the role of Feriha. She resembles her somehow. And Imran Abbass for Emir.

Kara Para Aşk( English: Black Money Love )


I’m so down for this remake. One of the best Turkish plays. Elif-Omer’s story literally made hearts melt. The story, acting, direction won various accolades. It won the hearts of people straight away.


Omer Demir is a devoted police officer who has recently been rewarded an all-expense-paid trip to Istanbul with his fiancée Sibel Andak. He lives in poverty with his mother, older brother and his wife Melike, likes Sibel, who lives with her mother, ill father, and sister. Elif Denizer is a wealthy jewelry designer and head of her family’s empress in Rome. For her birthday she is traveling back to Istanbul, where her father, mother and two sisters live in a large mansion. That evening, her family surprises her for her birthday with a party, but her father dismisses himself early. Next morning Omer is informed about murder of two, when he appears on the scene, the victims are Elif’s father and his fiancee Sibel. An incident brings them closer. They both join handsto find the murderers. They discover some harsh truths about their families. There are complications, romance, action and a lot of mixed feelings. It is a suspense thriller. After every episode you’ll feel like you need a therapy.

Possible Casting:

I’m so into the idea that Fawad Khan should play Omer. It would be astounding to see the talented hunk in the role of a police-officer which he has never ever played before. And Ayeza Khan or Noor Khan would be perfect for Elif’s role.


There are much more series that you can look up to. But these were the popular ones that I think should get a remake. It would be captivating to watch them from a different angle.

Album Review- ‘Melodrama’ by Lorde

This is grown up Lorde. Four years after the release of her ground-breaking album Pure Heroine as a teenager, Lorde’s return with Melodrama is beyond epic. Melodrama has a theme of solitude, about her relationships, struggle with fame, mood changes and about her being an adult and a grown up woman now.

Melodrama was released on June 16. It debuted at number one in United Sates, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. The album got a high MetaScore of 93/100 making it one of the greatest albums of all times.

Green light – The opening song gives you all vibes of the new adult Lorde. Lorde starts singing with piano and then drum kicks and upbeat piano loops accompy Lorde vocals. Forbes decribed the tune as ‘power pop’.  Lorde described the song as complex and funny. I’m obsessed with this song. It’ll surely make you dance on your own.

Sober- It is the most catchiest and coolest song on the album. The chorus will give you goosebumps.  It is pretty intoxicating, having electro R&B. “Sober” is about “being a little bit involved with someone and it’s magic when you are out — you’re just king and queen of the weekend, you own the party.” “We’re King and Queen of the weekend /Ain’t a pill that could touch our rush” Lorde sings on the chorus.

Homemade Dynamite- This song is what you can call ‘modern pop’. “Homemade Dynamite” describes the moment when you meet someone at a party and an explosive night follows. This songs is ‘explosive’ and ultimate 2017 banger. It will remind you of ‘Royals’ and the music is complementary with it too. I just can’t stop listening to it.

The Louvre- Lorde decribed it as the song about the magic of the crush. It is about her relationship with her ex. The title of this song, “The Louvre,” references the iconic art museum in Paris, France; Lorde likens this happy period of their relationship to art, worthy of hanging in a museum, but now old. Lorde’s voice makes you feel like she’s sharing a secret. The guitar on the song is refreshing. The melody is similar to her song “Still Sane” from Pure Heroine.

Liability- This is a perfect ballad!  It is a soft, down tempo, piano driven song. Lorde herself described the song as “a strange part of [herself] for a lot of people to look at.” They say, “You’re a little much for me, you’re a liability/You’re a little much for me” Lorde sings. Song-writing is just perfect and Lorde is being brutally honest here. This will literally make you cry.

Hard Feelings/Loveless- This is a fusion of two songs. ‘Hard Feelings’ is about Lorde’s breakup with her ex and ‘Loveless’ symbolizes her getting over her ex. “We’re L.O.V.E.L.E.S.S generation.” Lorde sings. The music is so catchy and cool especially in “Loveless” part. This is a pure banger. I will call it LIT.

Sober II (Melodrama)- This song is beautiful in its own. It has a little drum, deep brass and violin plays in the background. “They’ll talk about us, and discover/How we kissed and killed each other/We told you this was melodrama.” Lorde sings.

Writer in the Dark- This is the most lovable song on the album. Lorde sings about still loving her ex but managing to move on. You know Lorde’s songwriting is her greatest asset. This lyric are so deep and instense. “Bet you rue the day you kissed a writer in the dark/Now she’s gonna play and sing and lock you in her heart” Lorde sings. This is what you call perfection.

Supercut- You can c all it a ‘Green Lights’ sample. The music is similar to Green Lights. It has drum beats and piano similar to ‘Green Light’. The song is about Lorde dreaming of a positive relationship but then realizing the she’s her real relationship isn’t like that. One thing I love on the whole album are the slow-low fading vocals, almost on every song. They are slaying.

Liability(Reprise)- This is followup to Liability. The electronic tunes are similar to the opening of ‘Royals’. This is more comforting and incredible. Echoing sounds and background vocals at the end are just worth it.

Perfect Places- It is a good ending for an album. While listening to the song, it’ll remind you of “Team”. The music is pretty much similar to it especially the drum kicks. The lyics are bittersweet about teenage parties. Pre-chorus is awesome.

Melodrama is a roller-coaster ride of emotions. This is the album that you can say, will remain refresh as it is now even after 10 years!! You can call it colorful and radiant. Lorde has written it so coherently and perfectly that you will love every single word. She is being personal and honest as in ‘Liabililty’, “Hard Feelings/Loveless”, “Perfect Places”. All the songs are great, you can hardly choose the best. Lorde is surely what David Bowie said ‘the future of pop’. And this album is ‘Power Pop’.