Ranking All Of Ariana Grande’s Music Videos [Updated]

Ariana Grande is one of the most beautiful and talented singers of our generation. With a powerful voice and being a supporter of many causes, she has won hearts of a million. She is one of the dominating young stars of the generation. With three hit albums under her name, Ariana has given some catchy and cool songs that are pure bangers. Beside lyrics, production and vocals, one other thing that makes a song hit is the music video. And yes, Ariana has one of the most colorful and creative videos that describe her career from a bubbly red-head Disney star to a grown-up Dangerous Woman now!

From 90’s throwback “Baby I” to the magical ball room scenario in “Beauty and the Beast”, check out her best videos.

17- “Let Me Love You” ft. Lil Wayne


This is not her best video. Ariana lounging around on bed and couch asking her man to love. Lil Wayne smoking. Video scenario is average. But we still need to appreciate the curly hairstyle that Grande carries. She looks flawless.

16- “Dangerous Woman”

maxresdefault (2)

The video depicts Grande’s transformation from a Nickelodeon star to a Dangerous Woman. This might be one of her best singles but the video was just OK. Again Ari posing around the room, playing with with curtains, singing on bed in a black lingerie. Lol but I prefer the cappella version better.

15- “The Way” ft. Mac Miller


This is one of her cutest videos. Ariana hanging around with Mac Miller whom she is currently dating and no doubt, they make the perfect celeb couple. The video features Grande, Mac and some dancers dancing around in a room filled with balloons, and Ariana poses for pictures taken by Mac.

14- “Everyday” ft. Future


Video features Ariana singing on bus, in the streets and laudromat while couples make out. Future sings verses in a office surrounded by employees. The video received appreciation for its showcase of LGBT community.

13- “Love Me Harder” ft. The Weeknd

maxresdefault (3)

Ariana grande sensually singing on bed and fancy-as-heck sofa and wearing cat ears. While The Weeknd walking and singing. Lightning, rain, storm clouds: nature’s elements perfectly reflect the turbulence of a passionate relationship in the music video for “Love Me Harder”.

12- “Beauty and the Beast” ft. John Legend


John playing guitar, Ariana in a rose red gown with straight hairs in an captivating scene in Beast’s castle. The performance happens right in the middle of ballroom dance scene of Belle and The Beast. Just perfect and magical.

11- “Baby I”


It is a 90’s inspired throwback type video. Ariana dancing with people in streets and on bus. Eventual change of costumes and the dance moves make it worth to watch. One of my faves!

10- “Focus”


It is a “Problem” -esque banger. Ariana in platinum and purple hairs performing several choreographed scenes with dancers. Cameras focus, starry, glitter, fancy costumes and major purple vibes!

9- “One Last Time”


The video bring a Victorious reunion. The Earth is about to end as the tail of a comet is about to pass. Everyone is panic, but Grande calm and runs to get to see the comet closer. Grande then manages to reach the roof top with her boyfriend, they both embrace and the comet crashes which leads the Earth to end. Ariana rocks in futuristic costume.

8- “Popular Song” ft. Mika

maxresdefault (4)

It features a gothic theme, being set in a ‘spooky, dark, “Addams Family”-esque high school’. The video is of vengeful nature, standing against bullies.

7- “Side To Side” ft. Nicki Minaj


Ariana riding a bike and doing some choreography! Then she and Nicki make appearance in a sauna with male models.

6- “No Tears Left To Cry”


Ariana returned to the music scene after the Manchester tragedy with “No Tears Left To Cry”. This song is upbeat and a pop banger. Ariana pays tribute to the the victims of tragedy. The fairytale music video has the songstress in various full-length gowns, dancing on the side of skyscrapers, and gracefully falling through the starry sky. In the end, she plays fetch with a dog. The sun is rising behind them. The bee at the end symbolizes Manchester victims.

5- “Right There” ft. Big Sean

maxresdefault (5)

It is a modern Romeo-Juliet-esque video or call a short film. Romeo is played by Patrick Schwarzenegger. Elizabeth Gillies also makes an appearance. The two navigate the party trying to find each other and finally meet and get together at the end of the video.

4- “Break Free” ft. Zedd

maxresdefault (6)

Ari has some great love for space. Grande rocking out in futuristic outfits. This video has all the elements that makes it great: glam, fun and perfection!

3- “Into You”

maxresdefault (7)

This is one of the best videos of decade. The video starts with Ariana in a desert riding on a bike with her man played by Don Benjamin. The video continues with both being together, hanging out in a motel titled “Honeymoon Inn”.

2-“Problem” ft. Iggy Azalea

maxresdefault (8)

This is the song the I keep re-watching again and again. It now has 1 Billion views on YouTube making it one of the greatest videos of all time. The video has a retro 60’s inspired theme. Some light choreography and camera poses!!

1-“Santa Tell Me” 

maxresdefault (9)

Ok! I know Problem is iconic and great. But this video always put a smile on my face. Ariana’s ponytail makes appearance. Scenario revolves around Ariana having fun around the house with her friends in silly animal ears and singing about Christmas love. This is a total holiday treat. Better call it a sweet winter slumber party! One of the greatest videos of all time. Fight me on this!!






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